Opening drives

E 170 230 V * Scissor drive as design solution for optimum ventilation

  • Combines the OL 90 N fanlight opener and the E 212 electric linear drive in a single product
  • Scissors integrated in the cover profile
  • Attractive design and additional protection against contamination
  • Opening width is variably adjustable and can therefore be flexibly regulated on site
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Scissor drive as design solution for optimum ventilation

Application Areas

  • Natural ventilation in the façade area
  • Inward-opening bottom-hung leaves
  • Installation on wooden, PVC or metal windows
  • Frame installation

Technical data

E 170 230 V
i dimension (min.) 10 mm
i dimension (max.) 60 mm
Opening width (max.) 170 mm
Opening speed ventilation 4.9 mm/s
Closing speed 4.9 mm/s
Compressive force 1500 N
Tensile force 1500 N
Panel weight (max.) 80 kg/m²
Operating voltage 230 V AC
Current consumption 0.2 A
Power consumption 50 W
Duty rating 25 %
min. core dimension 1.5 mm²
Number of cables 4 cores
Temperature range -5°C...+60°C
IP rating IP42
Type of stroke shortening Mechanical
End position cut-off extended Limit switches
End position cut-off retracted Limit switches
Overload cut-off Yes
Bottom-hung window INWARD-opening frame installation Yes


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