Sensor switch

LED sensor switch * Switch for activating automatic doors

LED sensor switch glass LED sensor switch glass
  • IP rating IP69
  • High-quality and hygienic activation with visual feedback of the activation command
  • Capacitive push button with blue LED illumination
  • Also available with Braille tactile lettering
  • Available with glass or plastic border
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Switch for activating automatic doors

Application Areas

  • For activation of all GEZE automatic doors
  • Flush-mounted installation

Technical data

LED sensor switch
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 10 mm
Current consumption 35 mA
Output PNP transistor output
IP rating IP69
Type of installation Flush-mounted installation
Cable connection type Cable prepared for connection to screw terminal
Connection cable length 200 mm
Service temperature -30 - 80 °C


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